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Al Sayd International is organized in Damascus, Syria in 2008 providing a bridge between commodity producers, suppliers and buyers whilst facilitating negotiations by being the only channel through which information is passed giving clear communication and providing a safe and secure way to complete each deal. 

We have an array of exclusive suppliers and buyers  giving us the power to negotiate great terms and ensuring all parties are satisfied with the end deal.

We supply A-Z import services for our clients in the Syrian market; we always offer products with sharp prices and good quality due to our good relations with the suppliers and our strong business in commodities and food ingredients, mainly coffee beans, cocoa powder, palm oil products, dairy products and much more.

Al Sayd International is the reliable trading agent who assist the suppliers to penetrate to direct business with the Syrian market importers of food stuff, ingredients, and building materials etc…, We provide a conventional full-service, conduct buyer searches, recommend the best buyers for you, ensure buyers are prescreened so that they are financially qualified to do the business. 

Likewise we assist the importers and factories in Syria to buy their products from the best and most qualified global suppliers, we provide overall deal management and guide them through the entire process, we discuss, negotiate, confirm and close the transactions for them safely and professionally.

Our main principle in this business is clarity and confidentiality, and since we are in the market on a daily basis and for more than 5 years ago we got firm and confidential relations with over 80 Syrian importers for almost kinds of products. 

We highly estimate the value of our business because it is very important for the Syrian market especially that almost 70% of the Syrian importers still totally depend on trading agents to import their products. We use our knowledge and expertise to add value to your business.

Al Sayd International offers you the business intelligence, partnerships, and support you need to respond quickly and effectively to today's dynamic global trading.